Hi Kathleen,

UFS is NOT a shared filesystem! What you are trying to do should not work.

A simple suggestion:

If you need the filesystem mounted globally, use lofs to mount the 
filesystem into the zones.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zonecfg -z ldev7
zonecfg:ldev7> add fs
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set dir=/shared
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set special=/shared                     #  global 
mount point for /dev/dsk/c4t0d0s0
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set type=lofs
zonecfg:ldev7:fs> end
zonecfg:ldev7> exit




Konstantin Gremliza
Sun Education Training Center Hamburg

kathleen haines wrote:
> the customer issue
> I am attempting to make a global zone filesystem /dev/dsk/c4t4d0s0 
> available to two non-global zones
> The global zone is ldev6 and the non-global zones are ldev7 and ldev8. 
> Here is what I did.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zonecfg -z ldev7
> zonecfg:ldev7> add fs
> zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set dir=/shared
> zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set special=/dev/dsk/c4t4d0s0
> zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set raw=/dev/rdsk/c4t4d0s0
> zonecfg:ldev7:fs> set type=ufs
> zonecfg:ldev7:fs> end
> zonecfg:ldev7> verify
> zonecfg:ldev7> commit
> zonecfg:ldev7> exit
> I then rebooted the ldev7 non-global zone and received this message.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zoneadm -z ldev7 boot
> zoneadm: zone 'ldev7': fsck of '/dev/rdsk/c4t4d0s0' failed with exit 
> status 39; run fsck manually
> zoneadm: zone 'ldev7': call to zoneadmd failed
> I received this message on the ldev7 console.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/]# zlogin -C ldev7
> [Connected to zone 'ldev7' console]
> [NOTICE: Zone booting up]
> [NOTICE: Zone boot failed]
> The filesystem is currently mounted in the global zone. Do I need to 
> umount the filesystem in the global zone and run fsck to allow the 
> ldev7 zone to boot?
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> What does the customer need to do to resolve this issue? Can he create 
> these two non global zones*_
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