On 9 jul 2008, at 09:32, James Carlson wrote:

> Is there any chance that it's stuck trying to shut down?  I'd first
> look for threads that appear to be stuck in mdb's "::threadlist -v"
> output.
Argh! I missed one word ("already") in the message when I tried to  
boot the zone after killing the two zoneadmd processes:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] # zoneadm -z jcp-mail-zn-mn-colo1 boot
zone 'jcp-mail-zn-mn-colo1': WARNING: zone is in state 'down', but  
zoneadmd does not appear to be available; restarted zoneadmd to recover.
zoneadm: zone 'jcp-mail-zn-mn-colo1': zone is already booted

So I'm back to square one :(

I'll dig through the ::threadlist again...

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