Sanjay Akula wrote:
> Hi users,
> I have a question regarding /proc under localzones when i zlogin to 
> local zone if i do df -h /proc shows 0% but when i do du -sh * on /, 
> /proc coming as 8.3GB what are those directories is any way I can 
> compress those directories are they are important for local zones...
/proc is a filesystem abstraction for your processes.  This makes all 
sorts of things
work without you requiring the privilege to read kernel memory (think 
things like
prstat/top and some debuggers).

So the size you are seeing is a representation of the process (address 
space and attributes).   It is
taking up no disk space so compression would not be a valid action to take.

See the man page on proc(4) for more information.

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