Enda O'Connor ( Sun Micro Systems Ireland) writes:
> alternate BE ), I have seen issues with compilers failing due to SUNWcsr and 
> SUNWtoo 
> getting out of sync, because user updated the live system.

I think I understand that problem, and I don't think it has anything
to do with a live update.

The underlying problem there is that there's a hidden dependency built
into the way /usr/bin/ld (in SUNWtoo) is constructed.  It depends on a
private version of libld.so.4 (in SUNWcsr) -- one that gets
incremented occasionally.

Thus, if you upgrade SUNWcsr, you must also upgrade SUNWtoo, even if
you didn't want to, and even though the package dependency runs the
other direction (SUNWtoo depends on SUNWcsr, not vice-versa).

Since SUNWcsr is one of the common packages on which everyone depends,
it's at high risk of being upgraded frequently.  It'll be upgraded
when someone installs a new package, or when someone upgrades an
existing one, because it's a dependency.

But the system doesn't seem to know that SUNWtoo is tightly bound to a
special library version and must be upgraded as well.  It's really a
mutual dependency.

I don't think we know how many of these sorts of special dependencies
exist in ON.  Except for the controlled environment of patches, we've
always assumed synchronous delivery of everything built in ON as part
of our design.

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