On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:54:14PM -0700, Jordan Brown wrote:
> [ Which brain-dead mail client turns all of the spaces in the Subject 
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> Zones folks:  the current proposed answers to this problem involve 
> moving system/filesystem/local into milestone/single-user.  That was 
> apparently considered and rejected as the answer for the patchadd 
> problem that resulted in the "fix" that brought us here.  Can you offer 
> any insight into why that change was rejected?

I assume you are targeting this change for s10.

The single-user milestone is intended to mimic the traditional unix
run-level 1 (S?)  This is typically where an admin would run stuff like
fsck (on filesystems that are not yet mounted).  I don't think it is ok
to change this behavior in a patch.

I'm not sure I understand all the details of the problem you are trying
to solve.  For example, I thought it was desired that the "patch service"
run during a boot to "all", but then I saw following mail stating that
the "patch service" should not run in this case, and something about the
user explicitly booting to single user.  I don't think I know what the
use cases are.

You may want to draft a brief ARC fastrack describing the desired behavior(s),
and the issues, and perhaps proposed solutions.  Getting it all on one page
will faciliate a solution.

-Steve L.

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