Nils Goroll wrote:
> Hi JOrdan,
> Jordan Brown wrote:
>>> I suggest to introduce an additional milestone (e.g. milestone/ready) 
>>> with optional dependencies on all "system" services, roughly matching 
>>> the time when rc3 is run.
>  > [...]
>> I believe that the point you describe pretty much corresponds to 
>> milestone/multi-user.
> Agree, I should have thought twice.
> But what about the idea of making a dependency to multi-user "obligatory" for 
> "non-system" apps?

A few problems:

1) The ship has sailed.  There are plenty of apps out there which don´t 
have that dependency and we cannot retroactively make requirements of 
them.  The solution would fail in the face of that.

2) We want applications to declare accurate dependencies when possible 
to increase boot performance (especially on multi-core systems), and 
fault handling.  This would be a step in the opposite direction -- I 
recommend a milestone dependency when a service author needs either an 
expedient solution or they don´t understand the application´s 
dependencies.  But, it isn´t preferred.

And again, none of this is a concern with IPS, so I don´t want to 
enforce user-visible changes now for a solution that has a guaranteed 
limited shelf-life.  Jordan has explored some solutions which do not 
require changing administrator or service author behaviour, and those 
are far preferable.

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