I'm new to zones-discuss, so apologies if this has already been posted.

I would like to configure hundreds (maybe thousands) of zones on a  
single machine.  I've had good luck up until ~250 running zones, at  
which point I run out room to alias more loopback network interfaces.   
Here's the error messsage from the global zone:

        Aug 26 17:05:03 iwa1-ar zoneadmd[15796]: [zone 'zone0506'] WARNING:  
skipping network interface 'lo0' which may not be present/plumbed in  
the global zone.: No buffer space available

And from the zone trying to boot:

        Aug 27 01:13:02 zone0506 smcboot[26563]: bind: Cannot assign  
requested address

On the global zone, the loopback interface (lo0) has 255 aliases and  
(I assume) can't add anymore.  I got around this problem with the  
regular interfaces by adding more physical interfaces to the machine  
and configured the zones in blocks of 250 each assigned to different  
physical interfaces.  I seem to be blocked at the loopback device  

Does anyone know if there is a way around this?  Could I somehow add  
additional loopback addresses and tell the zones at configuration time  
to latch on to something other than lo0 for the loopback alias?


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