Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> Evan Layton wrote:
>> This is the same as what is done with /rpool/ROOT and ZFS boot, with
>> "ROOT" being the confined area where we place BE's. An admin can still
>> create things there but this is the only place that we look for BE's.
>> Datasets outside this are not considered BE's but would be shared
>> between BE's as is done in the global zone now.
> Evan,
> We can certainly call this .../ROOT instead of .../rpool, if that
> makes a difference.
> Jerry

I think what Ethan was getting at is if rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool is what's 
delegated then rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ROOT gives us a confined space to 
look for BE's in. Plus it gives a similar set of datasets for a BE as would be 
found in the global zone's BE's. For example we could define a BE

rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ROOT/ZBE1 as the root of the zone BE


rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ROOT/ZBE1/opt for /opt in that zone BE
rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ROOT/ZBE1/var for /var

any thing outside that would be shared between zone BE's


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