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> Jerry,
> If its not for general purpose, then yes, I agree <zonepath>/ROOT is
> more clear. ?(And I also agree about the rpool name)
> Regarding a general purpose dataset, IMO we need to always automatically
> give this branded zone one of those since we're giving it the ability to
> manipulate its own BEs. ?With BEs, zone admins will inevitably want a
> place to store data shared by all of their BEs instead of having everything
> cloned.

I'm with you here.  It seems as though there should be a convention
for a non-root dataset that is delegated to the zone.  For instance

zfs create -o mountpoint=none rpool/zones/z1/share
zonecfg -z z1 add dataset name=rpool/zones/z1/share
zoneadm -z z1 boot -s
zlogin z1 zfs set mountpoint=/share rpool/zones/z1/data

Again - some would immediately choose /export instead of /share.
Unless you are using samba, there isn't much chance you will be
exporting much from a zone so filesystem(5) says it is the wrong
place.  In this context, /share is indicating that it is shared
between boot environments.  This goes along the same lines as the
/var/share idea that I've been pushing for a while.  So as to not
muddy the waters with the historical use of share (e.g. /usr/share) it
may be appropriate to use "common" instead of "share".  I don't really
care - so long is the name is indicative of current use and doesn't
throw us into UNIX history lessons with new users.

Scope creep ahead...

On a somewhat related noted, delegated datasets seem to expose
administrative decisions made in the global zone that the local zone
administrator shouldn't care about.  An alias mechanism to hide this
detail seems to me to be a reasonable thing to do.

# zonecfg -z z1
 add dataset
  set name=pool67fromArraySN-SF23424HW23/acct7823/z1
  set alias=share
# zfs set mountpoint=none pool67fromArraySN-SF23424HW23/acct7823/z1
# zoneadm boot z1
# zlogin z1 zfs set mountpoint=/share share
# zlogin z1 zfs list
share             18K  4.86G    18K  /share

I'm done with scope creep now.  :)

Mike Gerdts
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