Lewis Thompson wrote:
> Hi Zones experts :)
> I have a query regarding specifying per-process and/or per-user resource
> limits within local zones
> Having read the FAQ at
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/zones/faq/ I get the impression
> that resource limits within zones are either:
> 1. defined with zonecfg when creating/updating the zone
> 2. by adding a zone to a resource pool and manipulating that way
> What I am not clear on is:
> whether a local zone can have an /etc/project file of its own;

Yes, a zone has an /etc/project of its own.

The zone.* resource controls are defined at the zone level by the global zone 
admin (in the global zone). The non-global zone admin can define project.*, 
and process.* rctls inside the zone. If a zone version of the resource control 
exists, this will clamp the project version; i.e. if zone.max-lpws is set to 
setting project.max-lwps to 2000 in /etc/project in the zone is legal, but the 
number of lwps for the while zone is limited to 1000.

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