Jordan Brown wrote:
> Proposal 2:
> - Make the new patching service depend on system/filesystem/local.
> - Modify patchadd to temporarily enable system/filesystem/local before 
> patching, and disable it afterward, *if* it is offline.  Note that when 
> the patching service runs, system/filesystem/local will be online and so 
> patchadd will not need to manipulate it.

I added part of this late and it's a little misleading.  It suggests 
that patchadd wouldn't need to manipulate s/f/l, and that's not quite 
right.  *When invoked from the patch service*, patchadd wouldn't need to 
manipulate s/f/l.  When invoked interactively (from 
milestone/single-user), in this scenario patchadd would still have to 
enable s/f/l.
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