Hello Vincent,

>From your message, it appears that you do not need to use capped-cpu.
However, if you find that you have a need to use both, it will work,
although there is potential to confuse Solaris and/or yourself. For
example, what happens if you set cpu-shares so that a zone must get at
least 25% of 4 cores, but capped-cpu=0.5?  Further, setting a CPU cap
can prevent a zone from using CPU cycles that are otherwise unused.
Why waste your expensive CPU?

You do want to ensure that each zone gets enough processing cycles to
accomplish its tasks. This can be achieved with cpu-shares.  You might
start by setting cpu-shares to 100 for the global zone, and 10 for
each of the non-global zones. If you find that the system is
frequently experiencing CPU contention, and one zone isn't getting
enough CPU time, just increase that zone's share quantity.

You might want to give the VOIP zone 50 shares instead of 10 because
of the sensitivity to computational latency. Is the VOIP software
multi-threaded? If not, then it will never use more than 25-30% of the
CPU power of the system in any situation.

It is important that the global zone gets all it needs. Otherwise you
may interfere with proper operation of key infrastructure components
like the paging daemon.

Also, docs.sun.com says:
"The capped-cpu resource and the dedicated-cpu resource are
incompatible. The cpu-shares rctl and the dedicated-cpu resource are

On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 1:38 PM, Vincent Boisard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hello,
> I am currently setting up a home server. It will be my main storage server,
> but I will also be consolidating other applications on it (voip server,
> video streaming, app server, ...)
> I plan to use a Quad-core processor (namely the Q6600) with 8GB of RAM.
> I have been reading all the docs I can find about resource management but
> there are still some areas unclear to me:
> - Can capped-cpu and cpu-share be used at the same time: It there is no
> contention Z1 use only 3 cpu and Z2 3 cpus max, but if there is contention
> have 75/25% sharing?
> - What is ZFS cpu usage ? (How much cpu should I reserve for the global zone
> ?)
> More specifically, my setup would be something like:
> Global zone:                ZFS storage, NFS and Samba servers
> VOIP Zone:                 SIP PBX : should always have enough processing
> power to handle a few calls (home setup)
> download zone:            handles all downloads (torrent /http). Low
> priority.
> Video streaming zone : use VLC to stream videos on the network (maybe later
> some VOD).
> Video encoding zone :  should use all available cpus but low priority
> Database Zone:           MySQl and/or Postgresql
> App Server Zone:        SAMP stack and/or Glassfish
> I do not expect high load on these zones (this is not a business production
> server, mainly a development environment and home application with few
> concurrent calls).
> I am a bit at a loss on how to implement this.
> Is FSS and cpu-shares enough ?
> Should I use resource pools ? dynamic resource pools ?
> Thanks for your help,
> Vincent
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