Narendra Kumar S.S wrote:
>       Is there any particular reason, why you are not proposing to move 
> filesystem/local to single-user milestone.

That was option #1 in my list.  However, there were those who objected 
to changing the definition of single-user mode in this way.  In 
addition, there are these late-breaking issues with Sun Cluster et al.

>       That looks very simple fix


> and will solve all the problems.

No.  It would address the particular breakage that we're seeing today, 
but would not address the systemic problem that there is no agreement on 
when and how these services should be run.

Re-read the proposal.  It describes the issues and constraints.  I 
believe that today (even without this most recent patchadd issue) there 
are a number of cases where we are avoid problems only because we've 
been lucky, and because we've worked around the problems in a few cases.

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