Lewis Thompson wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a simple zone configured to test the VxFS 'convosync=direct'
> option.  It's an s10u5 machine with no additional patches:
>         zonecfg:lt203398:fs> info
>         fs:
>               dir: /foo
>               special: /dev/lofi/1
>               raw: /dev/rlofi/1
>               type: vxfs
>               options: [rw]
> So far so good, but when I try and add a VxFS-style 'setting=value'
> option, zonecfg fails:
>         zonecfg:lt203398:fs> set options=[convosync=direct]
>         syntax error at '='
>>From mount_vxfs man page:
>         convosync=direct|dsync|unbuffered|closesync|delay
> So my question is: do we support these vxfs options when setting up
> filesystem definitions?  If I manually edit the zone definition file to
> add the convosync=direct option then a zoneadm boot fails with fsck exit
> status 32...

You are not specifying the fs entry correctly.  Within the
fs resource, options are also a resource, so you do not use
the 'set' command.  Instead, you 'add' options.  The syntax
for the above example would look like this:

zonecfg:lt203398:fs> add options "convosync=direct"

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