I am trying to find some recent information about Live Upgrade and Zones
with zonepath on ZFS. Is it supported now ?

As I could not find enough info, I decided to experiment with VMware.
I am currently testing with snv_95 with ZFS root.
My zone 'test' zonepath is /zones/test (dataset rpool/zones/test)
I am trying to upgrade to snv_97.
lucreate -c snv_95 -n snv_97 succeeds. (It creates a clone of

If my zone is running , luupgrade -u -n snv_97 -s /mnt/cdrom fails with:

Creating upgrade profile for BE <snv_97>.
ERROR: unable to mount zones:
cannot mount '/zones/test': directory is not empty
rpool/ROOT/snv_95 - / zfs - no
/devices - /devices devfs - no
/dev - /dev dev - no
ctfs - /system/contract ctfs - no
proc - /proc proc - no
mnttab - /etc/mnttab mntfs - no
swap - /etc/svc/volatile tmpfs - no xattr
objfs - /system/object objfs - no
sharefs - /etc/dfs/sharetab sharefs - no
/usr/lib/libc/libc_hwcap1.so.1 - /lib/libc.so.1 lofs - no
fd - /dev/fd fd - no rw
swap - /tmp tmpfs - no xattr
swap - /var/run tmpfs - no xattr
rpool/export - /export zfs - no rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,atime
rpool/export/home - /export/home zfs - no
rpool - /rpool zfs - no rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,atime
rpool/zones - /zones zfs - no rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,atime
rpool/zones/test - /zones/test zfs - no
/dev - /zones/test/root/dev dev - no
/lib - /zones/test/root/lib lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
/platform - /zones/test/root/platform lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
/sbin - /zones/test/root/sbin lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
/usr - /zones/test/root/usr lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
proc - /zones/test/root/proc proc - no nodevices,zone=test
ctfs - /zones/test/root/system/contract ctfs - no nodevices,zone=test
mnttab - /zones/test/root/etc/mnttab mntfs - no nodevices,zone=test
objfs - /zones/test/root/system/object objfs - no nodevices,zone=test
swap - /zones/test/root/etc/svc/volatile tmpfs - no
/zones/test/root/usr/lib/libc/libc_hwcap1.so.1 -
/zones/test/root/lib/libc.so.1 lofs - no zone=test
fd - /zones/test/root/dev/fd fd - no rw,nodevices,zone=test
swap - /zones/test/root/tmp tmpfs - no nodevices,xattr,zone=test
swap - /zones/test/root/var/run tmpfs - no nodevices,xattr,zone=test
/dev/dsk/c1t0d0p0 - /mnt/cdrom hsfs - no ro,noglobal,maplcase,rr,traildot
/dev/lofi/1 - /mnt/cdrom/Solaris_11/Tools/Boot ufs - no
/tmp/javaui.cpio.bz2.1902/usr/lib/install/data/wizards -
/mnt/cdrom/Solaris_11/Tools/Boot/usr/lib/install/data/wizards lofs - no
rpool/ROOT/snv_97 - /a zfs - no rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,xattr,atime
/export - /a/export lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
/export/home - /a/export/home lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
/rpool - /a/rpool lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
/zones - /a/zones lofs - no ro,nodevices,nosub
swap - /a/var/run tmpfs - no xattr
swap - /a/tmp tmpfs - no xattr

zone 'test': zone root /zones/test/root already in use by zone test
zoneadm: zone 'test': call to zoneadmd failed
ERROR: unable to mount zone <test> in </a>
ERROR: unmounting partially mounted boot environment file systems
ERROR: cannot mount boot environment by icf file
cat: cannot open /tmp/.luupgrade.tmp.1902: No such file or directory
ERROR: Unable to mount ABE disk slices: < >.
ERROR: Unable to mount the BE <snv_97>.

If the zone is not running, luupgrade succeeds by I get a lot of :
zlogin: Could not chdir to home directory /root: No such file or directory
in the update_log

luactivate snv_97 succeeds.

Reboot's fine, it boots into the new snv_97 environement but the zone does
not seem to be updated: /etc/release still indicates snv_95.

By the way, if I boot into the old BE (selecting snv_95) in GRUB, it cannot
mount /export because on the root fs, a directory home already exists in
/export: (cannot mount '/export': directory is not empty) but /export/home
is mounted.

If I create a rpool/ROOT/snv_95/zones dataset.
when I install my zone, it does not create a dataset for my zone, BUT live
upgrade works properly (/etc/release in zone properly updated).
However, live upgrade has created a rpool/ROOT/snv_97/zoneds and
rpool/ROOT/snv_97/zoneds/test datasets.

I am a bit lost.
I need my zones to have their zonepath on their own dataset (cloning heavily

Should abandon the idea of using live upgrade ?
Live upgrade source code is still closed, isn't it? (otherwise I could have
looked at the source for documentation)

Thanks for any help,

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