Devin Ceartas wrote:
> So at this point it's domain resolution I'm not getting inside the  
> zone -- I can assign an IP to this static IP zone, and I can ssh to  
> it  from another machine. But I can't ping out from that zone past the  
> subnet.
> I've copied my global zone /etc/resolv.conf into the zone, and put the  
> router IP ( into /etc/defaultrouter
> Here's some relevant test output:
> # ping
> is alive
> # ping
> ping: unknown host
> I'm new to solaris so I'm sure there's simple things i'm missing as i  
> go through these steps. thanks for your help.

Hey Devin,

 As you know, /etc/resolv.conf contains the DNS servers... you've got
that part.  The next part is to modify /etc/nsswitch.conf.  This file
specifies where to look, and in what order, for different information
maps, such as passwd, host, etc.  In the case of "host:"  you can have
entries like file, dns, ldap, nis, nis+ and now even mdns (multicast
DNS).  My bet is that you need to include "dns" on that line.  There are
actually pre-config'ed examples, so you can do this inside the zone: "cp
/etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf".  Then try again.

 In Shared IP zones (the default) networking is not configured inside
the zone, so /etc/defaultrouter won't do anything inside the zone. 
However, name services (DNS, NIS, LDAP, etc) are.

 Fix /etc/nsswitch.conf in the zone and let us know if that clears up
the problem.

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