Hi all,

        My english should not good enough to make you understand.

        STOP please to write zonepath on ZFS is supported. Everytime you say  
that, the next sentence is to say "but with limitations, blabla".
        How many customer made the error to use ZFS as zonepath, and few  
months later got a "no way" when asking how to patch or upgrade ?

        I'm sorry to be so critic, but I'm pretty sure (I said pretty !) that  
U3 documentations never states the fact that patching would be  
difficult. And the worse is what patching strategies/technics are  
becoming...ok new patching technologies are  an amazing box of  
innovations, but you didn't think of customer which tries to trust you  
from the beginning.

        Just take a look to the sequence :
                - Solaris 10u3 was declared mature, ZFS included, etc, etc. At 
same time, SAMs told to their customers that S8 is becoming so old,  
they should think to migrate to S10
                - S10u3 stated that you CAN put zonepath on ZFS, but you may 
difficulties to upgrade. The deal is : use ZFS on SAN and simplify  
zonepath transfer from one host to another, or work with SVM metaset.   
But at this stage, we thought that we could live without easy upgrade  
by patching...LU with zonepath on ZFS would come a day.
                - There was 2 releases between u3 and u6, and you're telling 
that we  
have to wait again ?
        Do you really think you were right to say zfs for zonepath is  
supported ?
        Send a survey to support teams in regions, I would be curious to see  
the result.
        No, you can't continue, please ! Give us zfs zonepath !


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