Nicolas Dorfsman wrote:
>       Hi all,
>       My english should not good enough to make you understand.
>       STOP please to write zonepath on ZFS is supported. Everytime you say  
> that, the next sentence is to say "but with limitations, blabla".
We try to provide all of the relevant information that people need to 
make educated decisions.

In this case, some people read the details, and chose to use zones on 
ZFS in Solaris 10 because they do not plan to upgrade the system. Other 
people read the information and chose to wait until upgrading works 

It seems to me that you do not want to use zones on ZFS. That seems to 
be a good choice for you.

>       How many customer made the error to use ZFS as zonepath, and few  
> months later got a "no way" when asking how to patch or upgrade ?
If they read and understood the details, using zones on ZFS was not an 


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