Hi experts,

I would like consult you some questions regarding the backup and restore
of Brand Zone (Solaris8) and Brand Zone (lx).

In "SystemAdministration Guide:Solaris 8 Containers" (820-2914), there
is the following description in "Configure the solaris8 Zone" section.

Tip – After you have configured the branded zone, it is a good
idea to make a copy of the zone's configuration. You can use
this backup to restore the zone in the future.

How to backup and restore the Brand Zone (Solaris8) and Brand Zone (lx) ?
Are the following operation steps correct ? and supported by Sun ?

1. using ufsdump and ufsrestore command

1) back up the zone (Solaris 8)

   # ufsdump 0f /var/tmp/sol8-zone.ufsdump /export/home/sol8-zone

2) back up the structure file and index file of zone

   # cp -p /etc/zones/sol8-zone.xml /var/tmp/sol8-zone.xml
   # cp -p /etc/zones/index /var/tmp/index

3) restore the zone

   # cd /
   # ufsrestore rf /var/tmp/sol8-zone.ufsdump

4) build the structure file of zone

   # cp -p /export/home/sol8-zone /etc/zones/sol8-zone.xml

5) using the index file backuped in step 2) above,
adding the zone entry into /etc/zones/index file

2. using cpio

1) back up the zone (Solaris 8)

   # zonecfg -z sol8-zone export > /var/tmp/sol8-zone.config

2) back up the files under the zonepath of zone

   # find /export/home/sol8-zone  -fstype lofs -prune -o -local | cpio 
-oc -O /var/tmp/sol8-zone_backup.cpio

3) using the file at step 1) to configure the zone

   # zonecfg -z sol8-zone -f /var/tmp/sol8-zone.config

4) on solaris 8 host, install the zone by using flash archive

   # zoneadm -z sol8-zone install -u -a /var/tmp/sol8-system.flar

5) restore file
    using cpio command to replace the file

   # cpio -idmu < /var/tmp/sol8-zone_backup.cpio

My questions are:

1) For Brand Zone (Solaris8) and Brand Zone (lx), are the 2 operations
above (i.e. "1. using ufsdump and ufsrestore command" & "2. using cpio")
supported by Sun ?

2) If they are not supported by Sun, is there any official method of
backup and restore for Brand Zone (Solaris8) and Brand Zone (lx) ?

Thank you very much.
Best Regards
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