Phil Harman writes:
> A customer asks: Can I use VLAN tagging with Etude? (in this case a 
> Solaris 10 global zone with Solaris 8 and 9 local zones)

Yes; the Etude zone knows nothing of how the interfaces are plumbed.

However, I don't think that exclusive IP stack instance zones will
work with Etude (in case that's the customer's *real* question).

> I'm assuming that this can all be handled in the global zone (which sets 
> up the networking for the local zones)


> If so, Solaris 10 updates will this work for? Are the any gotchas or 
> things to watch out for?

It should work on any update that supports Etude.  There've been
continuous updates to our networking support since S10 FCS, but using
VLANs (at least on some interfaces) was a feature in FCS.

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