Le 2 oct. 08 à 22:37, Moore, Joe a écrit :

> Nicolas Dorfsman wrote:
>>> Personally, we've defined a DNS alias for <zonename>-vh to point to
>>> the global zone for each of our local zones.  That way we can `ssh
>>> www-zh zoneadm -z www reboot` easily.
>> Interesting.  Why don't ssh to the non-global ?
>> `ssh www init 6`
> That assumes several things that zoneadm reboot does not require:
> 1) that SSH is working on www and can create new processes to kick  
> init.

If ssh isn't allowed on www, I'm not sure it's a good idea to publish  
on which global zone is running www ?

> 2) that SSH is configured so that our global zone operators are  
> allowed to log in to the www zone directly

Good point.
Another good reason to work on a quick and clean script to change my  
hobbit(http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/) screen depending on where is  
located non-global zone

> 3) that we actually want to take the zone down nicely, by going  
> through the rc scripts to runlevel 0 and back


> But yes, those are in general good things to assume.  Unless the  
> zone is peculiarly wedged.  By all means, please try to take the  
> zone down cleanly rather than hitting it with the Big Hammer.  Just  
> like you should kill without the -9 before you resort to -9.  (Or  
> echo '$<systemdump' | mdb -kw)

  ! :-)

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