On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 3:53 PM, Menno Lageman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 10/02/08 22:42, Nicolas Dorfsman wrote:
>>       Phillip,
>> Le 2 oct. 08 à 22:38, Bruce, Phillip a écrit :
>>> Mike,
>>> Using zonecfg command can ONLY be used at the global zone level not at
>>> the container level.
>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/adm# zonecfg
>>> zonecfg can only be run from the global zone.
>> What are you trying to do exactly ?
>> The Mike's tip need to be used on the global-zone AND a non-global
>> zone reboot is mandatory.
> Actually, the reboot is not mandatory:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] # touch /zones/aap/root/etc/globalname
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] # mount -F lofs -o ro /etc/nodename \
> /zones/aap/root/etc/globalname
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] # zlogin aap cat /etc/globalname
> blondie
> Menno
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I almost replied with that...  If you can take the outage, it is
usually a good idea to test your change as soon as you make it.  If
the zone is up for another 6 months, you will not learn about your fat
fingers until a time far removed from the change made.

A more holistic approach is to get this into your standard zone build
process.  Many places have a script that they have written to build
zones the way they like, others have customized zone templates.
Whichever your style is (hopefully not manual steps every time) insert
it into your repeatable process so it is a reliable indicator across
all of your systems.

FWIW, the way that I really implemented this was via copying a file
like nodename into $zonepath/root/etc/globalzonename.  I'll be
changing that shortly to use lofs mounts so that it automatically
handles things right with zoneadm detach + attach.

Mike Gerdts
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