http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/817-1592/gbbxq?a=view has a caution 
regarding restoring a lofs mounted filesystem within a non-global zone. 
The prior paragraph makes reference to system read-only mount points.

With the exception of possible access from other zones (the global, or 
shared access non-global zones), I don't see a reason why a non-system 
lofs directory could not be backed up and restored from within a 
non-global zone. Am I missing something?

For example, if I create /myzone/private in the global zone and lofs 
mount it into the non-global zone as /private, I think I should be able 
to manage its content via things other than ufsdump and ufsrestore from 
within the non-global zone.

Is the caution just for /usr, /lib, /sbin, or is there something else I 
don't know about?


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