The default route option is not specific to TX zones. However, it is 
intended for environments where your zones aren't sharing the same 
physical interfaces.  This feature sets the default route for an 
interface so I don't think it will provide the functionality you are 
looking for.


Max Levine wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a need to define a separate defaultroute for some of the
> shared-ip zones in our environment. All of the zones are on the same
> subnet, but only some need to have a different default route. I was
> reading psarc/2008/057 but I am confused if the functionality applies
> to zones on same subnet? Also I saw that this functionality was
> backported to Solaris 10 zoneadm patch, but it mentiones TX zones.
> Does this only apply to TX or regular zones as well?

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