Evan Layton wrote:
> Hello All,
> We're down to the wire on the zone support changes to SNAP upgrade and are 
> looking for code review comments. We'll be taking comments up until COB 
> Tuesday 
> October 7th. Your comments are as always welcome and appreciated.
> Defect 3686 is the blocker bug that was submitted to cover this work and the 
> webrev is available at:
> http://cr.opensolaris.org/~equach/webrev.snap_zones/
> Thank you in advance for your comments and help!
> -evan
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line 1306 - the goto isn't needed
line 1381 - We're not collecting any errors that may have been returned
             from be_get_snap and just returning a generic BE_ERR_ZFS
             be_errno. Can we collect any useful information from errors
             returned by this call?
line 1420 - We're not capturing any errors here and just returning whatever
             "ret" was set to previously, which in this case appears to be 0.
line 1519 - We should be collecting the error returned from _be_mount
             instead of returning the generic mount error.
line 1539 - same as 1519 but for unmount.
line 1635 - Why not just "goto done" instead of the ZFS_CLOSE and return?
             unless the callback function has already closed the zfs
line 1638 - shouldn't the callback function be_destroy_zone_roots_callback
             have already closed the zfs handle?
line 1705 - shouldn't this callback function always close the zfs handle?
line 1719 - if the comparison fails we don't close the zfs handle here.
line 2772 - We need a comment header for this function.

moving on to be_mount.c

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