On 10/12/08 01:14, John Stanford wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently tried to use zonemgr 1.8.1 to install a whole root zone (for a 
> database) on nv_98, and it errored out:
> -bash-3.2# ./zonemgr-1.8.1.sh -a add -t w -n ultra1z3 -z "/zones" -P 
> "extrap01ate" -I "|skge0|24|ultra1z3"
> Checking to see if the zone IP address ( is already in use...IP 
> is available.
> On line 4 of /root/.zonemgr/zone1197:
> remove inherit-pkg-dir: No such resource with that id
> Error: Error configuring ultra1z3, return value: 0
> Use -h flag to see proper usage or -l flag to see the license.
> It appears that something has changed since Sol10 (and maybe earlier versions 
> of OpenSolaris with the way the default zone spec is defined.  Here is the 
> config from a sparse zone created with zonemgr using "-t s":
> -bash-3.2# zonecfg -z ultra1z1 info
> zonename: ultra1z1
> zonepath: /zones/ultra1z1
> brand: ipkg   
> autoboot: true
> bootargs: 
> pool: 
> limitpriv: 
> scheduling-class: 
> ip-type: shared
> net:
>       address:
>       physical: skge0
>       defrouter not specified
> attr:
>       name: comment
>       type: string
>       value: "Zone ultra1z1"
> -bash-3.2# 
> So, two questions:
> 1) What has changed between Solaris 10 and nv_98 (relevant to this issue of 
> course)?


OpenSolaris 2008.05 has introduced a new zone brand, ipkg, which is 
different from the native zones in Solaris 10. (I'm not familiar with 
Zone Manager, so I don't know if it supports ipkg zones.)

> 2) Since I don't have any inherit_pkg_dir entries when I use the "-t s" 
> argument, am I creating a full zone by default?

No, the ipkg brand has no concept of sparse root or whole root zones. 
ipkg zones are not sparse, but still smaller than the traditional whole 
root zones in Solaris 10. See Dan Price's Field Guide to Zones in 
OpenSolaris 2008.05 (http://blogs.sun.com/dp/date/20080512) for more 

Menno Lageman - Sun Microsystems - http://blogs.sun.com/menno
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