Menno Lageman wrote:
> OpenSolaris 2008.05 has introduced a new zone brand, ipkg, which is 
> different from the native zones in Solaris 10. (I'm not familiar with 
> Zone Manager, so I don't know if it supports ipkg zones.)
>> 2) Since I don't have any inherit_pkg_dir entries when I use the "-t s" 
>> argument, am I creating a full zone by default?
> No, the ipkg brand has no concept of sparse root or whole root zones. 
> ipkg zones are not sparse, but still smaller than the traditional whole 
> root zones in Solaris 10. See Dan Price's Field Guide to Zones in 
> OpenSolaris 2008.05 ( for more 
> information.

Remember that what we have now is more of a prototype
than a final product.  The fact that we currently don't
support sparse zones with the ipkg brand is definitely
something that is being looked at for future releases
of opensolaris, along with a variety of other improvements
in how zones work with IPS.

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