Hi all,

I've got a situation that doesn't seem to be really covered in the 
various docs I've read up to now.  I have a number of servers where I 
want to do something like the following, if possible.  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.

I would like to host a number of zones on a server, let's say an m4000, 
but I want those zones to be on a different subnet than the global.  So 
far, no problem: use exclusive-IP.  However, currently I don't have 
enough NICs to give one each to all zones.  One thought I had was a sort 
of mix of shared-IP and exclusive-IP.  Give a couple of different zones 
the same NIC in exclusive-IP mode.  I haven't tried it, but I'm fairly 
certain this won't work, as each zone will try to control the NIC itself.

My major concern is to get the global zone on one subnet, while the 
non-globals will be at least one other subnet, possibly others.  Using 
shared-IP, I know we had routing issues.  I can't remember if it was on 
the global side or the local, but I know there were issues.  Perhaps 
this has been fixed in more recent releases?

We are currently running Solaris 10 08/2007.  At this point there 
wouldn't really be time to move up to the latest release, though we use 
UCE to patch the global up to date before we start building zones.

Thanks for your help!

Joe Barbey               IS Network Support Senior
office: (715) 425-4357   Davee Library room 166C
cell:   (715) 821-0008   UW - River Falls

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