Since there have been several questions about using
zones on recent opensolaris builds (98 and later)
I thought I would try to summarize what to do.

First, all of this is discussed in gory detail in
the spec if you need more info:;

1) Existing zones can't be used.  If you have zones
    installed on opensolaris and image-update to build 98 or
    later, those zones won't be usable.  You need to delete
    them (if you really need the zone and you carefully
    study the spec, then you could manually set things up,
    but it won't be easy).

2) Your global zone BE needs a UUID.  The old beadm code didn't
    assign one, so if you update to a newer build, you won't
    have one.  Once you are on a new build (98 or later) then
    subsequent BEs will have a UUID.  You can update to a recent
    build then just create another BE in order to get a global
    zone BE UUID.  This is only an issue when updating from pre-98
    to post-98.  After you pass 98, things are fine.

3) Zones are only supported in ZFS.  This means that the zonepath
    must be a dataset.  For example, if the zonepath for your
    zone is /export/zones/foo, then /export/zones must be a dataset.
    The zones code will then create the foo dataset and all the
    underlying datasets when you install the zone.

4) As has been the case, image-updating the global BE doesn't update
    the zones.  We're working on some improvements so you can detach/attach
    the zone and have it updated.  Hopefully we can get that into
    the 11.08 release, although its not there currently.

Let me know if there are any questions,

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