Zoram Thanga wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> Jerry Jelinek wrote:
>> 3) Zones are only supported in ZFS.  This means that the zonepath
>>     must be a dataset.  For example, if the zonepath for your
>>     zone is /export/zones/foo, then /export/zones must be a dataset.
>>     The zones code will then create the foo dataset and all the
>>     underlying datasets when you install the zone.
> Is this true only on OpenSolaris? Or it applies to normal Nevada as 
> well? Also, is this what's planned for S10 in the future?


This only applies to opensolaris.  Nothing has changed
in nevada or S10 and these changes will never appear
in either of those releases.  These changes are for
ipkg-branded zones, which are only in opensolaris and
which use IPS.  Nevada and s10 native-branded zones use
SVR4 packaging to install and upgrade.

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