Mike Futerko wrote:
> Hello
>>> Jerry Jelinek wrote:
>>>> 3) Zones are only supported in ZFS.  This means that the zonepath
>>>>     must be a dataset.  For example, if the zonepath for your
>>>>     zone is /export/zones/foo, then /export/zones must be a dataset.
>>>>     The zones code will then create the foo dataset and all the
>>>>     underlying datasets when you install the zone.
>>> Is this true only on OpenSolaris? Or it applies to normal Nevada as 
>>> well? Also, is this what's planned for S10 in the future?
>> Zoram,
>> This only applies to opensolaris.  Nothing has changed
>> in nevada or S10 and these changes will never appear
>> in either of those releases.  These changes are for
>> ipkg-branded zones, which are only in opensolaris and
>> which use IPS.  Nevada and s10 native-branded zones use
>> SVR4 packaging to install and upgrade.
> How to identify is it OpenSolaris or Nevada? I've just finished LU from
> snv_85 to snv_99 and wondering will my zones boot or not when I switch
> to snv_99?

If you used live-upgrade, then you are running nevada, since
live-upgrade is based on SVR4 packaging and doesn't work on
opensolaris.  If you use 'pkg image-update' then you are using
IPS on opensolaris and the issues I described will impact you.
Another way to tell is if running 'beadm list' is on your system
and it tells you something.  This also only exists on opensolaris.

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