On Nov 6, 2008, at 12:47 AM, Jerry Jelinek wrote:

> I think that just updating the non-global zone for every pkg
> that is installed in the global is probably not quite right since
> you want to be able to have different software in different zones,
> including the global zone.

Upgrade is already used today for non-global zones, this would just be  
something similar but individually per zone, an it would be an option  
to the update, default would still be the current update. If you  
upgrade today, you all your packages will be upgraded in the locale  

> It would be possible to leverage the solution we have today so that
> the list of pkgs that must be in-sync was augmented by some sort of
> user input.  For example, as you suggested, one idea might be for you
> to set up a file containing a list of additional pkgs that should be
> in-sync.  You could pass that to the attach command and those  
> additional
> pkgs would be synced up.  That would be fairly simple to do but it  
> would
> require the user to figure out what pkgs to put in the list.  You'd  
> have
> to look at some released version of Solaris and decide which pkgs
> to add.  This might be a bit of a maintenance issue since the set of
> pkgs changes over time and over each update release.

The easiest way would probably be to identify packages that are not to  
be updated, in my experience packages do not differ that much between  
local zones in production environments, but that is only based on the  
system I have worked with. I always keep zones as similar as possible,  
but full zones still leaves the possibility to make some changes to  
the packages and patches in case its necessary.

> If this seems like something people are interested in, I'd like to
> hear more comments and we could refine a proposal.  I'll then file
> an RFE and work up an ARC proposal.

I know my employer would greatly appreciate something like this, it  
would make life easier with hundreds of zones, and again, to be able  
to mimic the upgrade behavior would be useful. When i first heard that  
update on attach i saw the possibility to more easily manage upgrades  
in our environment, but the current implementation does not help us.

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