Mike Gerdts wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 8:16 AM, Jerry Jelinek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Henrik Johansson wrote:
>>> The easiest way would probably be to identify packages that are not to
>>> be updated, in my experience packages do not differ that much between
>>> local zones in production environments, but that is only based on the
>>> system I have worked with. I always keep zones as similar as possible,
>>> but full zones still leaves the possibility to make some changes to
>>> the packages and patches in case its necessary.
>> Unfortunately we have no way to know which pkgs you deliberately
>> want to be different between the global and non-global zone and
>> which you want to be in sync.  Thats why a list where the user
>> could control that would be needed.
> Isn't that the purpose of "pkgadd -G"?
>      -G              Add package(s) in  the  current  zone  only.
>                      When used in the global zone, the package is
>                      added to the global zone  only  and  is  not
>                      propagated  to  any  existing  or yet-to-be-
>                      created non-global  zone.  When  used  in  a
>                      non-global zone, the package(s) are added to
>                      the non-global zone only.
>                      This option causes package  installation  to
>                      fail  if, in the pkginfo file for a package,
>                      SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES  is  set  to   true.   See
>                      pkginfo(4).
> A package added to the global zone with "pkgadd -G" should not be
> upgraded in the non-global zone.

The problem is when you look at a zone, how do you know what
to sync with the global zone?  For example, if you have a
whole-root zone, that means you've explicitly decided you want
the ability to manage pkgs in /usr, etc. independently of the
global zone.   With a true upgrade, those pkgs that are part of
the release are upgraded anyway.  What do we do with a zone
migration?   What pkg metadata do we have inside the zone to tell
us which pkgs to sync and which not to?

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