On 6 nov 2008, at 15.16, Jerry Jelinek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Henrik Johansson wrote:
>> The easiest way would probably be to identify packages that are not  
>> to  be updated, in my experience packages do not differ that much  
>> between  local zones in production environments, but that is only  
>> based on the  system I have worked with. I always keep zones as  
>> similar as possible,  but full zones still leaves the possibility  
>> to make some changes to  the packages and patches in case its  
>> necessary.
> Unfortunately we have no way to know which pkgs you deliberately
> want to be different between the global and non-global zone and
> which you want to be in sync.  Thats why a list where the user
> could control that would be needed.

Yes, what I ment was that the operator should identify these packages.  
So what we would get is something like an upgrade but with optional  
control of packages that do not need to be in sync between the zones.

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