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> The problem I ran into this time was that static routes don't seem to
> use the same intelligence that default routes do. For example, in the


        At least as of 10U5 your observation is correct. I tried
getting Sun to recognize this issue via a support case, after 6 to 8
months of the case being opened, they told me that IP Exclusive was
the work around and that they would NOT even file a bug or an RFE on
the static route behavior. Unfortunately, this is a work around that
really hampers us due to the limitations of the number of physical
ethernet interfaces we can put in a single box (and the cabling mess
that goes with it). We have many different security requirements for
Internet exposed "servers", none of which has a particularly high
load, so it makes sense to put them all on zones on a moderate server
from a load perspective.

        If this has changed, or is being worked on in OpenSolaris, I
would *love* to hear about it.


> I know this would be made simpler with vnic and private IP stack, but
> in my world, shared-ip is the only thing available (feasible).

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