Dan McDonald wrote:
> I posted a related thread about migrating my all-ZFS SysV-style Nevada box to 
> OpenSolaris 2008.11 on the Indiana list.  If I were running no zones, I'd 
> just follow the provided answer w/o hesitiation.
> Unfortunately, this is a production system with running zones on it as well.  
> I've been combing these archives about the new IPS zones that are apparently 
> still under development.  Short of hand-restoring the content, is there a way 
> to migrate SysV zone to a new one?


This would be tricky since zones on opensolaris
are a completely different brand from the native
zones on nv.  There is some new stuff that we
added for zone detach/attach.  One possibility
would be to use some of that although it was never
intended to do what you want.  At this point we
really don't have anything for upgrading from nv
native zones to opensolaris ipkg zones.

We added a -r option to the 'zoneadm attach' command
which allows you to receive a zfs send and
use that to attach the zone.  So, you might be able
to take a snapshot of the zone, zfs send that to
a file, then do something like:

# zoneadm -z foo attach -r filename -u

That code path is not well tested and we've never done
anything like what you need, so don't get your hopes
up too much that this will work.  (There is also a -a
option which does the same thing with an archive of a
zone - cpio or tar).


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