Christophe Dupre wrote:
> Thanks Jerry for the quick reply. I am making progress, but no cigar 
> (yet). Now I have:
> zoneadm: zone 'X': ERROR: attempt to downgrade package SUNWgtar, the 
> source had patches but this system does not
> It does not give me a patch number, so I can't add it to the bad_patches 
> file. Or maybe it does ?
> Is there a list of patches I should add to bad_patches for this to work 
> ? The workaround mentions an attached file, but I don't see it.

We will be improving some of the error messages for
update on attach so that you get better info on this
sort of thing.  However, this might not be a
bad patch problem.  What were the patches for this pkg
on the original system?  I think if you get the data
Enda requested then we can tell if there is another
troublesome 'special' patch or just a missing patch.

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