Absolutely.  I did just that a few months ago when my primary disk 
started running a bit slim on free space.  :)

- format new disk
- halt zones
- mount new disk on /mnt
- cd /zones ; tar -cf - . | (cd /mnt; tar -xvpf - )
- (to be safe) mv /zones /zones.old
- mkdir /zones
- edit vfstab to add entry for /zones
- mount /zones
- boot the zones to make sure all is well.  :)

I generally mount my disk space under /z and then lofs things back to 
/zones/xxx.  that way I can separate my "disk space management" from my 
zones management functions.


David Smith wrote:
> I currently have my zonepath set to /zones/zonename on all my zones,
> however the /zones directory is on the boot drive and it is near to
> capacity now.  Can I shut down all the zones and copy the /zones
> directory to a new filesystem (different disk) and then remount it as
> /zones again?  Once the new filesystem is remounted back to /zones,
> this should be transparent to the zones , correct?  Is there any
> other precautions I should take to migrate this directory structure,
> or recommended method?
> Thanks,
> David

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