On 11/19/08 07:36, David Smith wrote:
> I currently have my zonepath set to /zones/zonename on all my zones, however 
> the /zones directory 
> is on the boot drive and it is near to capacity now.  Can I shut down all the 
> zones and copy the 
> /zones directory to a new filesystem (different disk) and then remount it as 
> /zones again?  Once 
> the new filesystem is remounted back to /zones, this should be transparent to 
> the zones , correct?  Is there any other precautions I should take to migrate 
> this directory structure, or
> recommended method?
I would also look at zoneadm -z <zone> move <new-path>
e.g. zoneadm -z <zone> /large-filesystempath/<zonepath>
Unless you are particular about '/zones' path, you don't even have to 
remount it as /zones
You can easily script it to do it for all the zones. ( check zoneadm 
list -pi )
The adv. is it's left to zoneadm. Vs the file transfer mechanism ( tar / 
cpio/ utility foo )

- Amol
> Thanks,
> David

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