Jerry Jelinek pisze:
> Maciej Browarski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there any consolidate documentation about build of config.xml and 
>> platform.xml files ?
>> Because information about content are in many documents, but I can't 
>> find exactly what options are correct and possible in this two files.
> There is no docs because those are project private
> interfaces.  I assume you are trying to create
> your own brand?  Perhaps you can tell us more about
> what you are trying to do.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
Yes,I try to understand, how Zones works, and how we can configure it. :)
So I have below question:
- what are different between privileges set default, prohibited and 
required in config.xml ?
 - is this privileges are only information for zoneadm how to configure 
zones or have any impact to create and running zones?(so is this list of 
privileges also are hard coded in kernel and config.xml only inform 
about privileges ?)
- if I change only brand name in config.xml I see this name later in 
zoneadm list -iv, so is this has only impact to zoneadm list or also in 
kernel performance ? (to be more clear, is there any "native" brand hard 
coded in kernel, that native zone is more privileges and faster than 
other names and brand? what exactly information are carry in struct 
brand p_brand and p_brand_data in proc_t structure).
- which options determinate that packages are also installed/updated 
from global zone (so if I like to have old packages, not updated in 
zones but without -G options). I aware that  I can break depend  
between  packages.
- if I clear attach and detach options packages, will be not checked in 
zoneadm attach and attached will be successful ?

I know that, that this things are unsupported but this is only for my 


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