On Mon 24 Nov 2008 at 08:06AM, Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Good morning!
> I just booted my OpenSolaris 2008.11 rc1b snv_101a system and started
> a non-global zone, which I have.
> --($ ~)-- pfexec zoneadm -z build boot
> zone 'build': WARNING: bge0:1: no matching subnet found in netmasks(4)
> for; using default of

Did you specify a netmask in your zone configuration?   This is
usually what people do.  This is done like so:

        set address=

Otherwise, the software has to infer what you want your netmask to be,
and to do so it consults whatever name service provides your netmasks
(in your case, sounds like "files").


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