> No Solaris 10u6 does support zones on zfs, but not as cleanly as nevada,
 > there are some differences, as new features are integrated into nevada,
 > then later they "might" get backported to soalris updates.

Reminds me of the car commercial - the suggested price is blah,
nicely appointed for blah + $$$$$$.   As Enda says, zfs and zones
are available, but will be nicely appointed in a future release.

the automatic creation of the datasets does not work.  use of zfs
snapshot and clones when cloning a zone do not work.    for LU the 
zoneroots must
be datasets (file systems).

 >  On s10u6 you
 > have to create the zonepath yourself, either mkdir or zfs create,
 > setting appropriate permissions too,

If the zoneroot is no present, a mkdir will be done for you.   and
the permissions will be set correctly.   this has been that way since
u1 or u2 (u1 IIRC).  A zfs dataset will not be automatically created
like it does in nevada.  and if you do create the zoneroot, make sure
and set the permissions to 700 like Enda says - this is only done
automatically when we mkdir on your behalf.  if you do it then you must 
do it right.

zone1 is on ufs.   zone2 will be a similar zone on zfs.
/dune/zones/s10u6 is already a dataset (file system).   this will
(should) be live upgradable.

# zonecfg -z zone2 create -t zone1
# zonecfg -z zone2 set zonepath=/dune/zones/s10u6/zone2
# zfs create dune/zones/s10u6/zone2
# chmod 700 /dune/zones/s10u6/zone2
# zoneadm -z zone2 install
Preparing to install zone <zone2>.
Creating list of files to copy from the global zone.

........ time passes, stuff happens.

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