Le 7 déc. 08 à 18:47, Nicolas Dorfsman a écrit :

> Le 7 déc. 08 à 18:26, Ian Matchett a écrit :
>> Thanks
>> However will prstat -Z tell me much in the zone?
> Good question.
> I need to check.

Well.  A sort of...
prstat will give you SWAP and RSS used by YOUR zone.

prtconf would give you memory size (I'm not sure if it's modified by  
capping figures or not)

Le 7 déc. 08 à 21:55, Jeff Victor a écrit :

>> What commands should we get the sysadmin run in the global zone to
>> understand the system  and zonecfg?
> rcapstat -z
> shows the RAM cap currently in effect and how much is being used.

No it doesn't, unless zone is configured with some sort of capping.


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