Jerry Jelinek writes:
>      1) SMF services that are not usable within a zone should be deleted or
>         disabled as necessary (for S8 and S9 we dealt with rc scripts 
> instead).
>      2) Network configuration must be adjusted depending on if the zone is
>         shared-stack or exclusive.

Depending on what the original archived server once did, it seems at
least possible that some of the changes that occur here could cause
damage to the services that the image will provide when run inside a

Can a user predict what these automatic changes will be?  After
import, is there a log of the changes or "adjustments" made?

S10 has a number of new features over S8 and S9.  How do these factor
in?  For instance, what happens to the privileges required in order to
run the services contained in an archive?  (The user might need to
configure the zone so that the right set of non-default privileges are
granted.  Is there some new way to do this, or does the user need to
trouble-shoot failing services?)

>      -a {path} - specifies a path to an archive to unpack into the zone
>      -d {path} - specifies a path to a tree of files as the source for the
>                  installation.

Just for clarification: does that '-d {path}' option point to a system
root?  Could I use "lumount" to mount up an inactive BE and turn it
into a zone?

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