Nicolas Williams wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 08, 2008 at 10:14:26AM -0700, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
>> Yes, not everything that runs in the global zone works in a
>> non-global zone.  NFS serving or non-global zones are the most obvious
>> examples.
>> For SMF services, the services to be deleted are the the ones
>> delivered in SVr4 pkgs with SUNW_PKG_HOLLOW=true since that matches
>> what happens when a zone is installed using the existing technique.
> Why detect and delete them?  That sounds like a lot of pointless work.

Because the zone won't boot until those services are
deleted.  That doesn't seem pointless.  The whole idea is to try
to provided an automated tool which simplifies the task of p2v-ing
a system into a zone.  If 100% of these migrations will fail, then
solving that problem seems to be within the scope of the tool.
We have the pkg metadata which tells us which services should not
be run inside the zone, so I guess its not clear to me why we would
deliberately ignore that.

> Better leave them alone -- let them discover that they are not in the
> global zone and fail to start accordingly (and disable themselves, and
> log approapriately).

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