Jerry Jelinek writes:
> James Carlson wrote:
> > "Update on attach" just means "apply saved patches, if any are
> > needed," right?
> Not really.  We see what pkgs are out of sync, either because of the
> pkg version of because of patches applied to those pkgs, then we do
> something similar to uninstalling and reinstalling those pkgs into the zone,
> preserving the editable and volatile files.  This causes those pkgs
> to be up-to-date with respect to the global zone, just as is the case
> when a zone is newly installed.  Its a bit more complicated than that,
> but we never actually apply patches to the zone.  The global zone files
> are already patched and that is the source of the files for the non-global
> zone.

But you would _not_ do this across minor releases, so S9 installing on
S10 won't be "upgraded" nor (presumably) would S10 installing on
OpenSolaris/Nevada be upgraded at the package level.

Is that correct?  If so, then at least the administrative aspects of
patching are relevant here: the result is as though the required
patches were installed into the newly-attached zone, regardless of how
it's implemented internally.  (And just as patching doesn't work
across minor releases, it doesn't work here.)

I think answering that would answer the previous poster's question
about the difference between doing an upgrade before flar creation and
just importing a flar from S9: the former results in a native zone
using this new functionality, while the latter results in a non-native
brand without upgrade.

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