James Carlson wrote:
> Jerry Jelinek writes:
>> James Carlson wrote:
>>> "Update on attach" just means "apply saved patches, if any are
>>> needed," right?
>> Not really.  We see what pkgs are out of sync, either because of the
>> pkg version of because of patches applied to those pkgs, then we do
>> something similar to uninstalling and reinstalling those pkgs into the zone,
>> preserving the editable and volatile files.  This causes those pkgs
>> to be up-to-date with respect to the global zone, just as is the case
>> when a zone is newly installed.  Its a bit more complicated than that,
>> but we never actually apply patches to the zone.  The global zone files
>> are already patched and that is the source of the files for the non-global
>> zone.
> But you would _not_ do this across minor releases, so S9 installing on
> S10 won't be "upgraded" nor (presumably) would S10 installing on
> OpenSolaris/Nevada be upgraded at the package level.

We can handle 'update on attach' from s10 to nv, although nv isn't an
official release yet and something might happen which breaks this (maybe
IPS?).  We don't support 'update on attach' of s8 or s9, although I have played
around with that and it kind of works.  There are some other issues there
which need to be looked at before we would support that.  One thing we've
considered, but which is not part of this proposal, is to use 'update
on attach' to convert an S8 or S9 branded zone into a native zone
running S10.  There hasn't been any demand for that feature yet, so
its not currently one we're working on.

> Is that correct?  If so, then at least the administrative aspects of
> patching are relevant here: the result is as though the required
> patches were installed into the newly-attached zone, regardless of how
> it's implemented internally.  (And just as patching doesn't work
> across minor releases, it doesn't work here.)

When crossing a minor release boundary (like s10 to nv) all of the pkg
version numbers change, so patches aren't a factor.  We see that there
are new versions of the pkgs, so we know those pkgs need to be updated.

> I think answering that would answer the previous poster's question
> about the difference between doing an upgrade before flar creation and
> just importing a flar from S9: the former results in a native zone
> using this new functionality, while the latter results in a non-native
> brand without upgrade.

As I said, we don't currently support 'update on attach' for pre-s10 images
but that might be something we could consider in the future.


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