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> I think answering that would answer the previous poster's question
> about the difference between doing an upgrade before flar creation and
> just importing a flar from S9: the former results in a native zone
> using this new functionality, while the latter results in a non-native
> brand without upgrade.

I was asking under the assumption that an upgrade from a minor release
or two was supported.  Typically if I am moving a S8 or S9 physical
into a zone, I really want to do an upgrade (or similar) as well.  Not
being able to do this in one step is not that big of a deal - after
all I do seem to have workable alternatives:

1) On S8 or S9, use live upgrade to upgrade to S10, then
install/attach the S10 BE as unbranded.
2) Attach the S8 or S9 BE as a branded zone, then use live upgrade (?)
to populate a S10 BE which in turn gets installed/attached as an
unbranded zone.

I bet I can write a script to make that look like a single command.
Then, with time Jerry will follow up with a more elegant solution than
duct-tape and chewing gum one I come up with.  :)

Mike Gerdts
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