Mike Gerdts wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 12:37 PM, James Carlson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I think answering that would answer the previous poster's question
>> about the difference between doing an upgrade before flar creation and
>> just importing a flar from S9: the former results in a native zone
>> using this new functionality, while the latter results in a non-native
>> brand without upgrade.
> I was asking under the assumption that an upgrade from a minor release
> or two was supported.  Typically if I am moving a S8 or S9 physical
> into a zone, I really want to do an upgrade (or similar) as well.  Not
> being able to do this in one step is not that big of a deal - after
> all I do seem to have workable alternatives:

Since 'update on attach' isn't the same as a true upgrade, there
are some enhancements we would need to look at in order to really
make this work correctly.  These are the sorts of things we might
want to do as future enhancements once we have the basic s10 p2v
to a native zone working.

> 1) On S8 or S9, use live upgrade to upgrade to S10, then
> install/attach the S10 BE as unbranded.
> 2) Attach the S8 or S9 BE as a branded zone, then use live upgrade (?)
> to populate a S10 BE which in turn gets installed/attached as an
> unbranded zone.

The first option seems like it would be workable with what we
have today, plus this new p2v feature.

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