James Carlson wrote:
> Presumably, as a non-native zone, if such a thing existed, it would be
> expected to result in no upgrade-on-attach behavior.  Right?

Right, although the behavior is really dictated by the brand
definition, so some sort of behavior could be defined for
zone attachment.  That is just theoretical, since in practice
you would normally leave the zone alone since the brand module
in the kernel would handle the differences between the non-global
zone and the global zone.  For the native brand, since there is
no brand module in the kernel, the zone must be in sync.

> OK.  The surprise to me is that it doesn't seem to care about minor
> release.  I guess that's "obvious" when the mechanism is explained,
> but it certainly wasn't obvious to me.

'update on attach' really only cares about syncing up the
dependent pkgs between the the non-global and global zone.
When crossing minor release boundaries there can be more
complex stuff going on, so although it works right now for
s10 to nv, going from something like s8 to s10 has some issues
we'd need to figure out (e.g. pkgs changing around, no zone
pkg metadata in s8, etc.).


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